sleep battles: lessons learned

This is Part 2, please see Part 1: “Our Story” for the riveting play by play of my inner monologue whilst letting my baby cry it out for naptime.

I am sad to report that after my first successful crying-it-out-naptime-extravaganza…I tried 4 more times to no avail. I had to listen to my poor baby screaming for a full 4 hours (not in a row, but still!). After sweating, shaking, and rocking back and forth talking aloud to myself, I have concluded that I will not do that again.

 {I am getting my methods from the book, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. I recommend the book as it’s been helpful for night sleep, but it hasn’t worked for naptime, unfortunately…but it may for your child!}

This leads me to my first lesson: Once you’ve figured it out, you haven’t.

The next lesson: I don’t know nuthin’.

And: Being a mommy is the hardest job in the world. It’s hard because I love him so much it’s overwhelming and scary. I am responsible for his life. I am supposed to make sure he’s eating enough, sleeping enough, playing enough, and learning enough. ME. Little ole me. The pressure, the guilt, and the exhaustion is enough to take down a grown man (that’s why women are mommies). This is when I have to remember…

My last and final lesson: Caleb is not mine. He belongs to God and I am simply the mommy who gets the privilege of trying to figure all this out. I will do my best, ask for help, and pray for strength. I have the daily work of keeping him alive, but I also get the joy of watching him grow, seeing him smile and laugh, kissing those sweet cheeks, and being there when he learns something new. I am blessed indeed.

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