letters to my son

Dear Friend,

I’ve had the idea to write a series of letters revealing life lessons to my son, Caleb for some time now.  Well, today is the day I turn my idea into action!

I hope to give these letters to Caleb throughout his childhood at the ages I feel he’ll be ready for them. These letters will just be the substance to the lessons and certainly not the only time we discuss them. For instance, instead of doing a “sex talk” we’ll be having age appropriate conversations all throughout his childhood.

But first, I want to share with you why I’m doing this:

My mom died when she was 29.  We celebrated my first birthday in the hospital weeks before she died.

I am 28.

Now, I’m not planning on dying any time soon. I certainly pray I live past 29, but it’s been my experience that when you lose someone close to you, you become much more aware of your mortality. And so, it is with the awareness that I am not guaranteed tomorrow that I begin these letters.

I’m sharing them with you because I’m praying you’ll benefit from them in some way and maybe even decide to have some conversations yourself… whether it be with your child or your inner child!

Blessings to you on your journey,


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