18 life lessons I learned from my Daddy

My dad will be the first one to tell you he isn’t perfect. He’ll tell you he’s made a lot of mistakes. Big ones even. As a child, I thought my dad could do no wrong. He was my superhero. As an adult, I see him as a human and a man; one I still deeply admire and respect. I learned some incredibly valuable life lessons from him. Lessons I have already been passing on.

 I’d like to share them with you, too:

  1. Generosity doesn’t have to be complicated. Just give. No strings attached.
  2. Never, ever call yourself stupid.
  3. Take joy in the little things in life. Yell.  Jump up and down and holler. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks while you do so. Never be afraid to look silly.
  4. Stuff is just stuff. Money is just money. These things are not the important parts of life. They are replaceable.
  5. Work hard. Do your very best.
  6. Smile and look people in the eye.
  7. Don’t ever judge someone else’s music. Keep an open mind.
  8. Every person has value and worth. Do not judge and never think you’re better than someone else.
  9. Apologize and mean it when you’re wrong.
  10. Notice, appreciate, and enjoy the beauty in nature and animals.
  11. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.
  12. Treat yourself sometimes. Save some money for a trip and then spend it. Do not worry about money while you do so.
  13. Always make sure that your family knows how much you love them.
  14. Give hugs and high fives. Celebrate other people’s success with them.  Jealousy is a useless emotion.
  15. Worry is a useless emotion.
  16. Play board games as often as you can.
  17. If you’re sick keep your germs away from other people as best you can.
  18. If you fart and it stinks, warn the people around you so they can leave if necessary.

Daddy and I

One thought on “18 life lessons I learned from my Daddy

  1. These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I always enjoyed hearing how much you love your dad! I will definitely be sharing these as well!!

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