Now offering Intensive Marriage Therapy slots!

Have you thought about trying Marriage Therapy, but concerned about the time it would take to experience change in your relationship or even fearing it won’t help at all? Or maybe you’ve considered a Marriage Intensive or Retreat, but finding the time and finances to pull it off is a huge challenge?

In an effort to give marriage therapy a “jump start” and to give some of the immediate benefits of a Marriage Retreat, I am excited to begin offering Intensive Marriage therapy slots!

In addition to my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, I have continued to educate myself in the best and proven marriage therapy approaches. I use John Gottman’s research, assessments, and counseling tools blended with Intimacy therapy techniques and tools to offer a more productive and structured approach to marriage therapy. AKA- I don’t want to waste your time (and money)!

The 2 intensive days will be the same process I use in regular marriage counseling, but will be tailored to do almost 2 months worth of sessions in 2 days! The days can be on Tuesday and Thursday in the same week, or spaced one week apart.

The cost for the 2 days (8 hours) of intensive therapy is $1,000, and includes one free 1.5-hour follow up session. To make this financially feasible, it can be paid over the course of 8 weeks, at $125 a week.

The Details:

Prior to Day 1: Couple will complete assessments online ($30 directly to the Gottman Institute) as well as complete and send in paperwork via email. This will be an investment of approximately 2 hours of time on your own.

Day 1: Information Gathering and Learning:

Meet all together for the first 1.5 hours.

10 minute break

Meet with each partner individually for 45 minutes

10 minute break

Meet with both for 40 minutes to review and give homework

Total Time in session: 4 hours

(Homework will be completed before Day 2 and will take about 1 hour to complete).

Day 2: Treatment Plan

Meet for 1.5 hour. Discuss and Review Treatment Plan

10 minute break

Meet for 1.5 hours and begin work on healing past hurts, skill building, and practical application.

10 minute break

Meet for 40 minutes to review, give homework, and schedule follow up session.

Total Time in session: 4 hours

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