the hunger games

Reviews, part 2

I’m sure you’ve already heard about or read “The Hunger Games.” I guess it is kind of a big deal right and I know why: it’s a captivating, enthralling, and beautiful story.

 Quick and dirty (and super simplistic) comparisons:

It’s like 1984 in that the government is always “watching” and has complete control over its citizen’s lives.  And it’s set in the future.

It is like Gladiator in the sense that the Hunger Games themselves are a fight to the death, with only one winner. This fight is for both entertainment and to demonstrate the government’s complete power over the “lower” citizens.

It’s like Lord of the Flies in that many of the kids go kinda crazy in the “arena” where the games (fight to the death) take place.  Survival of the fittest and all that…

It’s like the Lord of the Rings in the good vs. evil bit. And in that, the more evil the evil is…the more noble, good, sacrificial, and brave the characters are to fight for what’s right.

And finally, it’s like Twilight in that two super attractive guys are in love with and willing to die to protect our heroine and narrator. Granted, the love story is much more complicated than Twilight’s as our narrator herself is confused and continues to grow in her own feelings for both.


It’s a truly lovely story about good overcoming evil, the true meaning of love (sacrificial and wanting the best for the object of said love), and discovering that we are more powerful/stronger/braver/influential than we thought…

I love it and highly recommend it to all my fellow readers out there!

Next up…part 3: the defense of my love for The Twilight Saga!

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