the twilight saga

Reviews, part 3

The two biggest complaints I’ve heard from Twilight haters are:

  1. The movies are awful. People assume they don’t like the Twilight saga based on the movies, and that’s not entirely fair. I wouldn’t like the movies if I hadn’t read the books. I watch the movies as a supplement so to speak, but on their own–they really are pretty awful. Entertaining, but certainly not very good. There is no depth to the characters, and the acting borders on cheesy and awkward way too often.
  2. The love story is unhealthy. I agree with this as well. Bella acknowledges this in the books. She says that if the world were what it was supposed to be, she would be with Jacob.  That it would have been good and natural. You know, if Edward had died 100 years ago like he was supposed to. She knows that what she feels for Edward is otherworldly and obsessive. I guess I’m ok with it because it’s not supposed to be real. I’d probably be just as obsessed in her situation. If a whole new magical world was opened up to me and then abruptly taken away…I might be depressed and broken for a few months as well. I don’t think it makes her weak, it only makes her real.

I love it because it’s pure fantasy. Love like that is fun to dream about, but it isn’t real because vampires and werewolves aren’t real. Living forever isn’t real. And the characters are truly admirable. Bella is nurturing, intelligent, and an excellent cook (she makes dinner for her father every night). She’s not a talker and likes being alone, but she’s also complex, passionate, sarcastic, real, and very likeable (something that isn’t portrayed in the movies!). The same goes for Edward and Jacob. Their characters are complex and wonderful. Edward is honorable and loving. He wants what’s best for Bella, even if it means being without her. He isn’t as brooding and jealous as the movies portray. And Jacob…he’s a kid, but he’s funny and in love. He listens to Bella and knows her even better than Edward in many ways. He brings out a carefree, less responsible version of Bella. He’s easy to love.

With all that said: you don’t have to like Twilight. I guess I’m only defending why it’s not just for teenage girls. And how the movies are a shallow and dramatized version of the real story and the real story is pretty awesome.

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