sex therapy

My friends and family like to tell people I’m a sex therapist. I get it. It’s interesting! But the truth is, I am not a sex therapist. I do sex therapy. {One must be certified to be called a “sex therapist” and while I have met most of the requirements needed, I’m not there yet.} But even once I am technically a sex therapist, I think I will hesitate to use that label. Maybe it’s because most folks picture that I do something like the mom in Meet the Fockers… you know, helping old folks grind with their partners on yoga mats. Nope, not me. I don’t do that.

But here’s what I do do (hehe, couldn’t resist):

– I help regular folks (like you!) rekindle their intimacy after having kids or years of marriage. Sometimes we just get into a rut…

– I help people who have been sexually abused or raped heal and discover that their sexuality isn’t something to be used or taken, but a gift to be enjoyed in the appropriate context.

– I help single women recover from unhealthy relationship patterns and reconcile what it means to be single, Christian, and also sexual!

– I help folks for whom sex is physically or emotionally painful.

– I help folks who no longer believe the lies of culture and want to learn another way. The lies that include, but are not limited to:

  • Sex is just physical
  • Sex with many partners is normal and healthy
  • Pornography is a natural part of a man’s life

{Bottom line: My passion is to help people have healthy sexual identities and passionate marriages!}

If you’re interested in therapy, know someone who is, or you just have questions…I’d love to hear from you! click here.

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