ain’t no shame…

I know there are many differing views on counseling. I’ve heard them all: “counseling is for crazy people”, “counseling is only for rich white people”, and even “why should I pay someone to listen to me when I can just talk to my dog for free?” Even worse, some folks were vulnerable enough to try counseling and had a bad experience. I hate that. And then there are those who are open to it. Or who have actually tried it and had a positive experience. They see it as a valid and acceptable option for aiding in life change. My clients have said that counseling has saved their relationship. Changed his life. Brought about healing and a new perspective.

It did for me. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve spent a cumulative of 3 years in therapy myself. I have experienced deep healing and later, refinement and growth through my time on the couch. I believe that my own therapy has helped me be an effective counselor just as much as my years in graduate school. Not only have I done work to make sure I’m a healthier version of myself, but I have also experienced what it’s like to be a client. To sit across from a stranger you are hoping will help you with the most secret parts of your life. It’s a vulnerable place. I get it.

Now, I’m not suggesting that counseling is the only option for aiding life change. I’m only suggesting that it can speed up the process. That it could help save your marriage. Or make it better. That it could help you enjoy intimacy with your spouse more. That it could help you heal.

I wish I were eloquent enough to change your mind about counseling if you’re against it. However, I humbly ask my pro-counseling readers to share with their hurting friends, family, and co-workers the benefits of asking for help.

Usually it’s the healthier folks who know when to ask for help. Most crazy people don’t know they’re crazy…just sayin. Ain’t no shame.

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